Innovative Mycelium Products for Interior Design

connected with the natural ecosystem

Who we are

The name RONGO comes from the ancient Moorish language and is related to the god of agriculture, the regeneration of living organisms like mushrooms in nature, and new life. It also symbolizes for strength, peace, and regeneration. The product is designed for interior design, mainly as various shaped wall elements with exceptional thermal insulation, fire retardant, and noise reduction properties. 

Nature's inspiration

We manufacture solutions that are useful, unique, and valuable, with a lasting and sustainability product lifecycle. We are dedicated to accomplishing this through manufacturing techniques with the smallest environmental consequence.

Custom products at Rongo Lab

Next to our main product catalog, we offer designer and architects the possibility to produce custom products.

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Our mission

The activity of B&G FAMILY INNOVATION S.R.L. is carried out under the brand RONGO DESIGN and is based on the principles of circular economy, integrating agricultural and industrial waste into the technological flow.

The designed technology flow is based on company values:

  • Innovative development of new technologies and products;
  • Environmentally friendly products made from safe and entirely natural raw materials;
  • Environmental protection products that replace plastic and petrochemical based items
  • Cleaner and less energy intensive technology processes than polystyrene and petrocehmical based products manufacturing

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